Wait For Life To Start

It’s not hard – just do the same thing you always did, look around, wait for life to start. The hot chicks thing may start in 2 weeks. You will be the successful leader of something that i call “perception”. Become a full blown monk. Produce 5 ass slapping sounds. Prevent one thousand chickens from being killed. Write all the madness in this world on a sheet of paper. Pee into a really loud and hollow plastic bucket in the middle of a night next to someone watching TV at home with open windows. Confuse the hell out of cats. Make yourself known amongst law enforcement. Let a piece of chocolate melt in your pocket. Read a poem to ducks. Grab her right by the intellectual curiosity and symbolic thinking. Fuck up the volleyball match in the astral world. Study molecular biology so you get tasked with a lot of overwhelming shit to do. If you’re shy, send your crush the hottest porn picture you can find and ask “wanna do this?”. Start a random protest against, like, Aston Martin. Try to get off your mom for just one day. Imitate a bleating sheep really loudly when someone’s outside your house. Get some groceries with a drone while not leaving your room. Cut small pieces of apples and mix them with yogurt. Expiration date is whatever.

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