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Any Dataset Related To Asimov’s Foundation??

Hi. I have an assignment for my masters were I need to plot any data I want, so I want to plot something I like. My favorite book is the Foundation trilogy. Does anyone has any dataset related to it or to anything related to Isaac Asimov??

I’m also into WH40k if some has something interesting.

Thank you for your help!

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Looking For A Datase That Contains Stay Time

Hey y’all. I’m working on a project that recommends stay times for a given location based on time of the day, traffic, etc. So this requires a dataset that has stay time durations for any location such as a tourist spot (e.g. Eiffel Tower). If you’ve got any or have any idea where I can find some let me know down below in the comments.

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Dataset Sample Recommendation……….

Does anyone have specific sources of dataset samples that has small smount of records and tables. I have an i3 laptop and i don’t have the capacity right now to upgrade so I endure the extremely slow refresh rate when doing visualization 😭

I’m working on my portfolio (as a beginner lol) and I currently have 1 dataset (AdventureWorks2022) that’s already clean so i only have to do queries for my KPIs for visualization.


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Would Be Lovely If You Could Help Me With My Master’s Thesis About Data.

Hi everyone, I’m writing my master thesis about data breach announcements and whether the perception of the customers change due to this breach. Netflix has been chosen as it is a well-known company so it functions as an example to give some context. I know that it is not a a data set but it is about protecting data and a possible reaction. In my opinion this belongs to data protection as well so would be much appreciated if you can help me and fill out this survey.

Let me know if this is not allowed on this thread, I’ll delete it. Thanks in advance.

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US DoD Data Request By Profession Plz

Working on a professional project and coming up empty so I thought I’d ask for help here. Trying to find current data on US military personnel and contractors based on profession. Preferably broken into branch, MACOM/MAJCOM, installation, etc.. Obviously nothing sensitive or containing PII

The project aims to highlight personnel/capability gaps for the Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability program.


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Can Anyone With Access To Eikon Refinitiv Provide Me With A Couple Of Financial Statements?

I’m working on a research project involving ten banks over the 2015 – 2022 period.

I successfully obtained the financial statements of all banks from Eikon Refinitiv for the period 2015-2019. I now need quarterly data from 2020 to 2022.

I would be grateful if someone would provide me with the financial statements of these banks from Eikon Refinitiv.

Please, accept my apologies for any confusion.

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Complete EA Sports FC (formerly FIFA) 24 Dataset Available On Kaggle

Hi r/datasets,

In case anyone is interested in analysing and exploring the latest EA Sports FC 24 dataset, I uploaded at the following link a set of csv files that allow to compare the sofifa player data from FIFA 15 until the latest EA Sports FC 24:

Here there is an analysis of players and teams that could serve you as starting point to see how the files can be read and used:

Have fun, and please do not hesitate to let me know any further improvement of the files.

Any feedback would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Morningstar Direct: Excess Return As A Time Series


Does anyone know how to get excess return in morningstar direct? I can find the variable but i need it as a time series monthly.

For context: We are looking at the relationsip between fund size and return, and need to run a monthly regression. We can find both the assigned benchmarks and excess return, but only measured from one point to another, not repeating each month.

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Fracking Registry – By State And Operating Company

This data comes via FracFocus, the largest registry of hydraulic fracturing chemical disclosures in the US. The database, available to explore online and download in bulk, contains disclosures from fracking operators; it details the location, timing, and water volume of each fracking job, plus the names and amounts of chemicals used. The project is managed by the Ground Water Protection Council, “a nonprofit 501(c)6 organization whose members consist of state ground water regulatory agencies.”

Here I’ve extracted and combined 28 individual files into one master file for easy of use:—via-FracFocus/600536fd_66b4_4408_9ba6_7deca045ce71

Raw data files:

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Dataset Needed For College Capstone Project

Im looking for an unclean plant leaves image-dataset (to detect diseases in plants using deep learning), so that i can clean and classify that myself. been looking on google but most of the datasets are cleaned already and separated into healthy and unhealthy classes. Thank you already.

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