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What I Want To Say To Every Fucking Noob And Retard In Star Conflict

I expected that players of Sci-Fi games bring some brains with them, but unfortunately that isn’t so. As you try to make a good example and combine profound intelligence with monolithic precision, you will always encounter FUCKING MONKEYS where you don’t know why extermination hasn’t been a thing yet. If you have shit for brains, don’t even bother installing this game. This game is already poisoned with fat, tricky assholes in their pool slippers who don’t realize that this is not just a game, but it is , first and foremost, a fucking competition, and you need to use strategies, eye-hand coordination and quickness to be something. Your fancy fat ship ain’t gonna do the work for you, no matter how comfortable you feel. So either before you install it, or if you have already installed it and are far deep into the gaming experience, listen to me first, who will slam your WRECK against the wall:

1) Don’t think that your narcissistic ass is the most important thing in the universe. If you’re playing PvE and you see a stronger player on the left side of the countdown screen, SELECT THE HIGHEST LEVEL AND LET HIM DECIDE THE LEVEL. Just because you want to use your tiny little fingers to “try a little” doesn’t mean we all have to pay electricity bills and waste at least 10 minutes of our PRECIOUS LIFE for your EASY LITTLE NOOB LEVEL. Do you think for your little comfort i’m gonna sit around with 300 attack insignia watch you act like you’re a master? No, i will steal every single kill from you, and leave you rotting on your garden chair, making you rethink your fucking life choices.

2) Do you retards have the balls to get in front of my destroyer so my Halo launcher will damage my own ship? Yeah, well, that’s the time where you need a fucking bullet in your head. Not everyone needs your presence within 400m just because you’re riding around some Raptor MkII, so STAY THE FUCK AWAY and DO YOUR HEALING WORK FROM AT LEAST 1500m DISTANCE.

3) Using your Albireo does NOT make you special. I wanna take your retarded Fort Launcher and shove it so deep down your throat you’re gonna wonder what would happen if CERN’s LHC would proton bomb the god particle right into your stillborn asshole. You think you’re gonna outsmart us by using your rescue ship just before you die? Ha ha, i’m keeping a close eye on your ass and i’m gonna follow up on you, and rip your asshole apart, and make you stare at the abyss for 50 seconds.

4) Noob assholes who vote a low level and waste our time really have the guts to “have sum fun” by shooting at completely irrelevant enemy ships while i have to pay electric bills to play level 1-10 and shit. If i could crawl through the screen, it would be actually your very last moment on earth. I would turn you into ash, lol… most boring fight ever… all you will see is a flash of light while i take your cash savings right back with me. Fucking die.

5) Little satanist and pagan retards like TheDarkRedFox, the red stomach cancer nigger who has swallowed so many dicks that he grew a third eye thinks the PvE system is fair so he dictates us to “just create your own group” if we want to play higher levels. I bet he learned his civil discourse in fucking daycare since this undercover dictator can’t pull is stupid head out of his communistic puddle of mud. Well, listen you little pussy, i’m not gonna form my own group. You play a role in the misery in Star Conflict and it’s really sad to see you going about your day, but GOD is watching, and you can’t defy GOD. If this little piece of SHIT were to be replaced with someone who actually had brains and empathy, the game would be 10000% more awesome and dynamic, but unfortunately in this corrupt game, it’s always fucking trash bags like him who are given too much power and too much to say. I hope you’re vaxxed and die a slow and painful death. You’re a really low quality pussy. Next time i see you i will make you rage quit until you change your whole identity.

6) PapyMcBites’ clown gang…. ohoho you’re so funny… you think you’re suddenly the coOol guys, because his little worshippers get instantly transformed into the “h” gang as soon as they join his retarded corp, spamming the public chat with “h’s”, and that is supposed to give them permission to be assholes. But without him, they’re just as shy as any fucking nigger floating around in their spirit box below me… I would suggest that this whole troop should finally shut their fucking mouth (50% of my ignore list consists of these assholes), other than that i’m pretty satisfied in terms of revenge. I’ve ripped him apart multiple times to the point where i replaced jacking off to my usual porn with my winning screen and that is just a warning of what i would do with him if i ever met him in real life. Pride is a sin, motherfucker. Never act like you’re the shit. Fuck you and bite into a banana you stupid rat.

7) Flimmi’s Nest has swallowed way too much cum so i have to be careful even mentioning their name. There is this super-hyper-hydra narcissist called “Flimmi”, which is in austrian terms something like “Mikey”, and he presents himself as someone highly special, or the overdog, or someone to be trusted. In reality, this guy is using of his 499 noobs to all kinds of undeserved rewards and leads the biggest gang of stoic cowards who do nothing but cowardly tactical nuke runs in conquest. All this little maggot literally does is plant a nuke, and hide.. plant a nuke, and hide. I would advise you all to break out things like the Micro-detector, remote ammo detonation, harvest crystal and chase his ass to oblivion. He thinks he can outsmart you all, but give these little pussies finally some heterosexual material instead of the gay shit they’re watching. Flimmi needs the exact same ass beating in real life just like PapyMcBites.

8) 1Slippster (what the fuck is even a “slippster”) was unfortunately squirted out of his mothers womb a few years ago and is now poisoning our atmosphere with his self-righteous monologues and saying stuff like “Albireo is great for running” (…ROFL). Get a load of this fucking moron; Has the weight of a split peanut as his W/L ratio and opens his mouth screaming around as if he’s certain that everyone is with him….. Bitch, no one likes you… and the few normies who talk to you is just your schizophrenia… they are uncertain who or what the fuck you even are, as they take a peek into your profile thinking: “Why is this fucking noob acting up?”, but hey, from the comfort of your home you can talk quite some shit while your little brain tries to figure out what an asteroid is… WHY don’t you just print a 3D-model of your Albireo, so you can shove it up your ass?? You will have the full dose of your child rapist latino ship and you don’t have to step into the elite’s territory and act like you have something to say. Too bad you live on another continent because i had dreams of breaking every single bone in your body, cut your head off and dissolve it in acid. I just wanna kind of spit in your mouth and break your jaw. Meet me, meet your maker. I have way more experience under my belt here, and your running mouth is definitely not worthy of your childlike attempts of making power moves. You even turned off your Youtube comments because you already know you’re piece of shit…LOL. But i can still get you from anywhere. You really don’t even deserve that kind of attetion, but you fucking dog licker must die immediately, and i will be happy.

9) Gaijin coming out with trash ships. Seriously, are you done coming out with garbage and creating a 2 months of hell where people get hooked on these so-called events where we work our ass of just to get some boring ass ship like Kirishima? I don’t even know what to comment on that. You have robbed enough time of our lives and the way you do it is not enjoyable. You have plenty of robotic dudes who are glued to the screen day and night, but it’s even more depressing to know that i have way better ideas on how to improve the entire game, but i really don’t wanna contribute. You should be paying us real cash for wasting our time with waiting, waiting, waiting. Why do you even let destroyers respawn for like 50 seconds? Why don’t you create more maps and not just the stupid Dreamland and Spyglass shit? That’s because you’re all about the money, and the addictive psycho tricks make me keep playing it. You limit shit to the point where i regret the day i registered for the game.

10) To almost the whole player base: Do not fuck with me. Do not chase me down because you’re jealous that i have the golden touch. I will always come back with an even stronger wind and you will feel my wrath when i switch from a small ship to my Relic and decimate 80% of your team with a clusterfuck you have never seen. I will bring the horde to anyone who fucks at me with a Panther, and when i see you acting up with your Spike i will make you crash against the wall so hard that you will have to cancel your internet subscription. I always have a little surprise for everyone of you dumb fuck, so take that and better go back to protecting your beacon.

11) Do you wanna get fucked in the ass? Well i can read your thoughts and see right through all your bullshit. You are opponent of god and i can see that in your flying style. Too bad when my Magnetic Mine hits your face, because you will be very confused and suddenly your trickery won’t work anymore, i will just turn around and race over you so fast you will see double. This is, like 8, just a general warning not to fuck with me.

12) Spec Ops motherfuckers, it would be great if you took the whole mission more seriously and didn’t slob around like a deer in front of headlights saying “OHH NO, OHH NO, I’M SO OUT OF CONTROL, I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO, LIKE, SHOOT SHIT??” – Fuck yes you have to shoot shit, and you have to collect fucking seed chips to increase your power because the SO ain’t gonna play itself. AND DON’T TAKE THE WOLFHOUND OR DESTROYERS TO CLOSE THE PORTALS, YOU FUCKING MORONS !!!!! Invest the power of those ships for the DEFILER, only RECONS (Taikin, Berserker, Cyning, Nibelung etc.) are supposed to close the portals. And even better: Those who close portals with their destroyer should be nothing but wiped off the face of the earth.

13) Ze’ta players who go really unusually high over the map really show how hard their dick gets when they see a man. These wannabe-demiurges really think they can take god’s place in heaven, but it will take some concentrated effort and a little patience to get their fat ass down there. I’m telling you again: I will be there when you are the weakest, and the last thing you will see is big flash of light, and me squeezing the mouse while thinking about your throat. Stop taking golden showers, i really hate you all, and i will ALWAYS refine my shit, not matter how clever, big or egoistic you are. Pride comes before a fall!

14) Cheaters? Bring in public hangings. Show their faces. Expose them. Report them. Get their social media. Pay them a visit. ASSHOLES. WANNA FEEL HOW HARD I CAN PUNCH IN RL??? If you live near me, i will gladly wait at the local train station for you to arrive, and i will clap you so hard …. SO HARD … you will volunteer for retards, basically trying to maintain your own mental health. I would do the blackest hit on you just as you unknowingly walk through the park. Too bad you cowards never come out of your fucking hole.

15) A good player doesn’t cheat, trick, or use the same fat almost-indestructible destroyer over and over again. Let’s not give these dickheads any credit. This game is highly toxic because of too much egoism and retardation, and unfortunately all these idiots have way too much space to be like that.

16) MAKE PvE SINGLE-PLAYER !!!!! I can’t stress this enough. The first time i’ve installed Star Conflict was to spend some chill time in space, and it turned gradually more into a peer-pressure, group-think stresshole where every fucking move is being watched. Honestly, i didn’t even want to have anything to do with anyone and i really wonder how i did allow myself to even get where i am (i’m quite high ranking in a top 5-10 elite corp now), but i think when i got my share, i will leave this messed up game die with the rest of the mongoloids who still frantically play it without any of the concerns i have. Kudos to you, but again, this game is a competition, and naturally good players should be respected for their efforts and aggression (well-noticeable in leagues), but unfortunately there are too many low-level fat coward noobs mixed into the mass that i just hope God forgives me for spending 3 years playing this crap without a minute of me enjoying it. I’m not the type of guy to hang around with idiots.

17) Piss drinkers who use the gravitational lens in the destroyer Special Ops…. are you a full blown retard and want to suck the team in? You idiots need a hook to the left and right.