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What is Boredom Central?
Boredom Central (Initially “Letter Swap Library”) is a nonsense site that doesn’t really care about anything. It is like a trash can for things totally out of context or meaning, because existence and the universe is a joke and no one cares in the first place.
Letter Swaps
Easy: Change the letters of any words in a way that makes them sound the opposite.
For example, “Big Chicken” becomes “Chig Bicken”, or “Coffee Machine” becomes “Moffee Cachine”.
Fictional Names
If some non-existent name comes to your mind, feel free to post it here.
Create a fictional quest with whatever obscure description you like and see the nutty responses from others who try to find the solution. The OP decides the correct answer! (This is still in development, so you’re basically just creating another post, but in a different context.)
Team Slogans
Imagine a fictional top team or a company that has a rhyming slogan, for example: “We slap ass and mow grass”.
Other Nonsense
Embed your totally-out-of-context-stuff, for example things that have no message at all.
Just kidding, no one gives a fuck
User Interactions
All users post anonymously by default but they can optionally choose a name or tag it if they wish to be credited. We don’t promote dislike buttons (because they cause shitty vibes) and have a like button for each entry. There is no “best” or “top” post. There is also a Forum that is completely anonymous for matters that go beyond our site’s categories.
You don’t even need a username. We don’t even care about our data. We don’t care about your data. We don’t care about data at all, period. We don’t even care about cookies or whatever y’all do with them. We don’t care about this website. We don’t care about data confirmation, we don’t care about money. We don’t care about passports. We don’t care about identity. We don’t even care who you are and what you do on this site. We don’t even care about ourselves, that’s why i haven’t had a shower in like a month. We don’t care about Europe, we don’t care about America, we don’t care about the seven seas, we don’t care about magic, we don’t care about the internet. We don’t care about english history, we don’t care about evolution, we don’t care about beer and wine. We don’t care about how many stars there are in space. We don’t care about data centers, we don’t care about fiberglass, about Starlink, about business offers, we don’t care about contracts, about those who betrayed the motherland. We don’t care about the domain. We don’t care about reality. We don’t care about opinions. We don’t care about Malaga. We don’t care about the Seychelles and don’t care about the Bahamas. We don’t care about the sun, we don’t care about long winter nights, we don’t care about living fast. We don’t give three damns what a mouse and keyboard is. We don’t care about LED lighting, LCD screens and the newest touch screen technology. We don’t care about phones, fax machines, we don’t care about Charlie Rose, we don’t care about egg plants, we don’t care about your browser cache or browser history… we only care about Uganda. And we buy all the Viagra (nope) so that our benis will stay erect forever.