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Finding A Way Up The Tree. What Is The Tree? Discuss.

I once came upon a tree. Not a very grand tree, but a tree all
the same. I said to myself, now that is a tree. I looked up, pondering this
tree that had so caught my eye, and I said to myself, this tree was made for
climbing. Without thinking, I hastily caught the first limb and hoisted myself
up. Standing there and looking down, I felt good. But when I looked up to
search for my next move, I was amazed at this tree’s vast maze of branches.
They extended forever, it seemed, in all directions. I started my journey,
picking the path that would lead me to the top. With each decision, I chose the
way that would let me reach the pinacle. And as I quested fiercely for this
goal, I began to notice other parts of the tree, maybe not as high as my goal,
but just as pretty, and sometimes more peaceful and I came to realize that the
furthur I climbed, my choices became less and less, and in the end, I would have
no choices at all, but to climb where I must climb. On I went.