Frozen Luck In Dake

Frozen Duck In Lake

3 thoughts on “Frozen Luck In Dake

  1. Drozen Luck in Fake
    Drozen Fuck in Lake
    Lozen Druck in Fake
    Fozen Druck in Lake
    Dozen Fruck in Lake
    Dozen Luck in Frake

  2. Fake Drake Duck
    Drake Frake Fruck
    Fake Frake Fuck
    Frake Drake Fuck

  3. A dozen Drucks Found Drozen in the Lakes
    A dozen Fucks found Frozen in the Dakes
    A Dozen Lucks Duck Drozen in the Drakes
    A Dozen Ducks Dound Dozen IN de Dakes
    A Dozen Lakes found ducken in the droze
    A drozen Doze Dose Dosen in the Dorse
    A Thousand Anas petrified in minus degree liquid
    Public DUck becomes public property
    Public property won’t let go of duck

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