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The Very Unofficial Guide To Walt Disney World, By Rodd D. McCartney, 1992 Edition

By Todd D. McCartney 1992 Edition
Revision 92.4.3
Released: April 20, 1992
Next revision due out on May 20th.
іCіopyright 1992 by Todd D. McCartney
іThis book is dedicated to every child, in other words,і
і every single person young and old alike. і



Walter Elias Disney was always a dreamer. Walt wanted to
create a place which would be as much fun for adults as for
children. This refers to the quote “There is little adult in
every child, but there is a lot of child in every adult.” On
July 17, 1955 Disneyland opened its doors in and became the
“Happiest Place on Earth”. Yet Walt wasn’t satisfied, he realized
he should have purchased more land. Walt soon went to work on it
and purchased 27,500 acres (43 square miles) of land near Orlando,
Florida. This piece of land was 150 times larger than that of
Disneyland in California. Walt made this statement on his TV
show: “Here in Florida, we have something special. There’s enough
land to hold all the ideas and plans we can possibly imagine.”
Here, not only would a theme park be built but an entire resort
complex with hotel and recreational facilities. Walt Disney never
saw his Florida dream come true. He died in 1966 right after
introducing his plans. His brother Roy took command of the
company Walt had established. The creation of Disney World became
the largest private construction project in the United States
ever. Over 8,000 workers built the Vacation Kingdom. More than
eight million cubic yards of earth had to be moved, swamps had to
be drained, and canals and lakes had to be dug. On October 1,
1971 the Vacation Kingdom of Walt Disney World was opened to the
public. Roy O. Disney used Walt’s comment in his dedication
speech: ‘You can dream, design, and build the most wonderful place
in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality.’
In one year the resort had attracted almost 11 million guests.
Before his death, Walt even had ideas for other parks. His
concept of the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow
(EPCOT) was described as this:
EPCOT will take its cue from the new ideas and new
technologies that are now emerging from the creative
centers of tomorrow that will never be completed,
but will always be introducing and testing and
demonstrating new materials and systems. And EPCOT
will be a showcase to the world for the ingenuity
and imagination of American free enterprise. When
EPCOT has become a reality, it’s our hope that it will
stimulate American industry to develop new solutions
that will meet the needs of people expressed right
here in this experimental community.
Walt wanted EPCOT to be a city that people could actually live in,
and demonstrate the highest technology available. The city would
have its inhabitants living around a central hub, or main
building. Eleven years after the opening of Walt Disney World,
Walt’s greatest dream became a reality. On October 1, 1982 EPCOT
Center was opened to the public. Although EPCOT Center was not as
Walt envisioned, it is a showcase of technology and the world.
Almost seven years later, the Disney/MGM Studios was opened on May
1, 1989. Now in 1991, the Vacation Kingdom is a young twenty
years old, housing 3 theme parks, 2 water parks, 12 resorts, a
night club type entertainment complex, a hotel complex, a shopping
village plus a lot of magic, and much, much more. Two more
resorts are being built now, a large addition to the Disney/MGM
Studios and construction of the fourth theme park has begun, and
many ideas have yet to be released to the public (See the ‘IN THE
FUTURE’ section for more information on these topics). Walt
Disney World is truly The Vacation Kingdom of the World.

To the reader:

This book actually started out as a letter to some friends in
England. I heard they were going to visit Disney World and they
wanted me to give them some information. Of course the original
was much smaller (less than 4000 words (We are now over 11,500!)).
I am also writing this book, if you can call it that, so that you,
the reader, can get an idea of what Walt Disney World is about. I
have been down there quite a few times and it is an incredible
place. You should know (providing you read the introduction) that
there are three main parks in Walt Disney World (With a fourth
under construction!): The Magic Kingdom, EPCOT Center, and The
Disney/MGM Studios. I’ll describe each one and tell you about
each attraction in each park. The time given after the
description of a ride is the actual time for that ride. An
asterisk (*) next to a description means the attraction is a
personal favorite of mine. An “at” sign (@) next to it, it means
it is a popular attraction to the general public, and you should
ride it during parades, fireworks, right after the park opens or
right before the park is about to close, if the lines are longer
during peak hours. I have divided the book into nineteen main
areas: When Should We Go?, Resorts, Contacting WDW and Making
Reservations, Transportation, Magic Kingdom, EPCOT Center,
Disney/MGM Studios, Night Life, Dining, Shopping, Water Parks,
Other Attractions, Basic Tips, In the Future, Maps (Gif form for
IBM), Fun Facts, Famous Quotations from WDW, Special Thanks To,
and Revision Information.

Please feel free to make copies of it for friends, family,
neighbors, pets (well, read it first, then paper train your
puppy!) etc., but please don’t add your own information. This is
copyrighted material so if you have something to add, please write
and tell me about it, and don’t add to it or copy it. If you use
this information for reports etc, I take no responsibility in the
accuracy of the information provided. I will update this
approximately every two months, and as I receive more information
from Disney about new things going on down there. I get the
magazine “Disney News” so I am updated on the newest things going
on. Most of my writings are based on my opinion and a personal
description of the ride. Any extra information such as bus
schedules, statistical data, etc., that I needed please refer to
the bibliography section.

After my physics teacher read over my book he mentioned that I
was missing one important item: information for the Handicapped.
I never even thought of it, sorry to say. WDW is VERY well
adapted for wheelchair use. Wheelchairs can be rented at the
following locations inside the parks: (Magic Kingdom: right after
you walk through the main gate there is a place to rent them.
EPCOT: To the left of Spaceship Earth, after you walk through the
main gate. MGM: To the right of the main gates, inside the gas
station.) Blind people can rent a audio cassette player and a
tape with a description of the park. I believe these can be
rented at the same locations (I’ll find out definitely for the
next release). Almost any attraction in the entire resort complex
is well outfitted to accommodate wheelchairs. I will update and
expand this area in the next release.

If you feel like making a comment, see an error, get a sudden
urge to send me some money so I can go to WDW again, or just want
to thank me, you can do so by writing to me at:

Or call PC-Exec BBS at
Todd D. McCartney 300-2400 (414)789-4210
21 South Auten Ave. 9600 Dual Standard (414)789-4315
Somerville NJ 08876 24hrs, 250+ lines!, 15 gigs!
USA Send mail to Todd McCartney

I hope to hear from you, I love getting mail and I would like to
know what you think of this. Please write!! I need ideas! Well, I
hope that this book gives you a good idea of the Vacation Kingdom
of the World.

іNOTE: I will refer to AA many times throughout this book. This і
іstands for “Audio-Animatronics”. Audio-Animatronics is the use і
іof computerized moving mannequins, and it is used in most of theі
іDisney attractions. The mannequins are quite realistic and і
іtheir movements are incredibly lifelike. і
і Also from now on, anytime you see WDW it means Walt Disney і
і World and anytime you see TTC it refers to the Ticket and і


One of the most challenging questions for any vacation is
deciding when to go. The one thing about Walt Disney World is
that it is never closed so you don’t have to worry about that.
Personally I feel that October is the best month. The temperature
is mild and all the kids are back in school and the crowds are
much smaller. Taking the kids out of school for a week should not
be too much of a problem, but just make sure they get their
homework done BEFORE you leave, (especially high school students
(being one myself I know.) because once you get down there, they
won’t be able to find any time to do it. The only problem with
October is that the parks usually close earlier (8 to 9pm), rather
than staying open to midnight as in the summer. The drawback from
the parks closing early is that certain parades and fireworks may
or may not be presented. Call Disney for information on parades
and fireworks. I found August to be VERY hot and crowded. If you
do like waiting in 1-2hr lines in 90-100 degree weather go in
August. Stay away from Christmas, New Years, President’s week
etc. They will be the most crowded.


There are 12 main resorts in the Vacation Kingdom, each with
its own theme. I will explain each one and give you an idea of
the prices. No matter where you stay in WDW there is excellent
transportation. However, the first three resorts are by far the
most convenient because of connections to the monorail lines.
Personally I feel you should rent a car no matter what resort you
are staying at. The car will come in handy when you want to go to
parks outside Disney property, or go shopping at the Disney
Marketplace, etc.

The Polynesian Village Resort – You are transported to the South
Seas when you stay here. Torches illuminate the walkways at
night, and tropical plants abound. Traditional Polynesian
architecture can be found here along with two pools (one with
a slide built into a “lava mountain” with a waterfall). This
resort is a personal favorite of mine. The white sand beaches
are an incredible romantic setting. The restaurants here have
seafood on the menu with a twist of Polynesian style cooking.
(GREAT FOOD!!) Not all of the food is Polynesian style, most
of it is American. Moderately Priced. Boat rental. By far
one of the most if not “the” most convenient resort in WDW.

The Grand Floridian Beach Resort – Jump back to the turn of the
century in this awe inspiring resort. A Big Band plays music
every night in the incredible main building. This resort has
an 8,000 square foot swimming pool, a health club and more.
A perfect setting for a honeymoon, very romantic honeymoon
suites overlooking the lagoon. Very good Italian restaurant,
also this resort has a VERY posh restaurant and a buffet.
Moderate to Very High prices. Boat rental, tennis and more.

The Contemporary Resort – This A-Frame building has Monorails
gliding swiftly in and out of it all day. WDW’s largest
arcade can be found here with the latest in arcade technology.
Many places to eat and drink are here along with a dinner show
at the top of the building. If you like tall buildings and
walking out your hotel room door to a hallway overlooking up
to 14 stories this is for you! Not a personal favorite, but it
has great places to eat, shop and excellent recreational
facilities. Good all you can eat buffet, a great dinner show
on the 15th floor, and nice lounges. Moderately Priced. Boat
rental, tennis, and more. MONORAIL SERVICE

The Caribbean Beach Resort – Very affordable resort with a twist
of the Caribbean. Steel drums are heard in Port Royale, the
main building. An incredible pool is here; part of it shaped
like a fort with cannons that actually fire little bursts of
water. Very Low priced (Highest is approx. $95 per night).
For this resort I recommend a rental car since it is quite a
distance from most of the parks. Unfortunately the only place
to get food at this resort is at Port Royale; pizza, and food
court style food. No “sit down” restaurants. Bike, boat, etc.
rental. Low Priced: As low as $95 per night.

Dixie-Landings Resort – This resort takes on the theme of the time
when paddlewheel boats cruised the Mississippi. Nature
surrounds the resort, complete with ponds and natural
shrubbery. You can stay in two types of buildings: three
story plantation homes, or two story bayou buildings. Bayou
Bill’s Cafe serves up the cuisine, and a large food court
accompanies it. Moderately Priced.

The Yacht and Beach Club Resorts -Two separate resorts but right
next to each other and both with the same theme. These
resorts look like New England seaside resorts from the late
1880’s. Features of the resorts include sand bottom pools,
snorkeling, croquet lawn, and more. Indoor clambakes, and
five other restaurants are here. Boat service to EPCOT Center
is available. Moderate to High Priced.

Port Orleans Resort – Just open, this resort looks just like New
Orleans. Eat at Cafe Bonfamiles and listen to the jazz, or
relax in the Mardi-Gras pool where the tongue of a dragon is
the slide! Sit down restaurant, and food court style eating.
Spas, marketplace dining, and cobblestone streets are also
found here. Low Priced. (Approximately the same price as the
Caribbean Beach Resort.)

The Disney Inn – This resort is tucked away in the northwest
corner of WDW. It is situated between two PGA tour
championship golf courses, The Magnolia and the Palm.
Swimming pools, tennis courts, and heath spas are all here. A
nice restaurant that serves a good meal and most people skip
is here. This resort has recently been remodeled, and a Snow
White theme has been added. Moderately priced.

Disney Village Resort Villas – Many different types of townhouses
can be yours for the duration of your stay. The famous
Treehouse Villas are set in the woods and offer privacy.
Other villas include One-and-Two Bedroom Villas (formally the
Vacation Villas), Club suites (formally the Club Lake Villas),
Two-Bedroom Villas (formally the Fairway Villas), and the
Grand Vista Suites. Most villas are set on lakes or in the
woods, and all of them are near golf courses. I recommend a
car since most of these villas are quite a distance from the
theme parks. Most villas have washing machines and dryers,
along with full kitchens. Some sleep up to eight people.
Great for large families. A rental car is a must. Moderately

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground – Are you driving your RV to
WDW? If so you might consider staying here. Hook up your RV
to full service, or stay in one of the permanent trailers with
full service also. Canoeing, campfires, biking, and fishing
make this resort for those who love the great outdoors.
Nightly campfires and marshmallow roasts, and daily canoe
excursions are also here for those who love the outdoors.
Moderately priced.

The Dolphin and the Swan – Both hotels (Both near the Yacht and
Beach clubs) were built by Disney but are run by separate
companies. The Swan is operated by Westin and The Dolphin is
operated by Sheraton. These are upscale hotels with conference
halls for big conventions. A 6,500 square foot convention
center is here along with a 505 seat theater. Boat service to
EPCOT Center is available. High Priced.

і Contacting WDW & Making Reservations і

Contacting WDW is quite easy and they do their best to make
the reservation process as easy as possible. Call the number:

1-407-W-DISNEY 1-407-934-7639

This number will connect you to central reservation and
information line. Don’t be discouraged if the phone isn’t
answered right away. Disney realizes that it is not a toll-free
number so a computer puts the calls in order and lets the phone
ring instead of picking up and having you pay for the toll call.
Be expected to let it ring 5-10 minutes.

There are many plans that one can obtain to go to Disney
World. For first time travelers I recommend that you go through
your local travel agent. Let them handle the rates, airline
tickets etc, but you should pick out where you want to stay etc.
Disney has so many packages its hard to find one that doesn’t fit
your lifestyle. Most can be customised to fit your needs. The
most expensive is called the “World Adventure Plan”. With this
plan everything is paid for in advance (I mean everything!!). In
1989 I went down there on this plan. There were 8 of us and
without airfare it was $10,000 for 10 days. It sounds expensive
but here is what is included in that price: All meals, breakfast
lunch & dinner (You can order ANYTHING you want! (Lobster tails
everynight if you want!)); Admission to all three theme parks for
10 days; Admission to Pleasure Island, Typhoon Lagoon, River
Country, Discovery Island etc. for 10 days; All boat, golf,
fishing, etc. rentals for 10 days; Unlimited transportation; VIP
service (I mean it too!); Gratuity on all meals; and a whole lot
of fun!! The only items excluded are: souvenirs, snacks purchased
at a stand, alcohol, sundries, etc. It is worth it if: You are
very active and WILL rent boats, golf equipment etc.; Your party
EATS A LOT!!; and you have the money to burn!


і Transportation і

Getting to WDW from Orlando International Airport is quite
easy. However, there is a lot of construction at the airport,
which confuses the heck out of anyone driving a rental car in some
place they are unfamiliar with. Of course the airport shuttles
zooming by at MACH 2.3 really don’t help, but that’s another
story. After you have claimed you luggage, (provided they have
not been shipped off to Antarctica or something like that) grab a
sky-cap (not literally) and go down stairs to the rental car
counters. After you get your car drive through the parking garage
slowly, stop signs seem to pop out of nowhere. Be careful merging
into the MACH 2.3 traffic on the road that goes around the
airport. Follow the signs for Airport Exit, it’s not as easy as
it seems, somehow you are in the right lane and the next sign
tells you to go into the left! After you have exited the airport,
follow the signs for the Bee-Line Expressway WEST (don’t go east
like we did!). The turn off comes very quick after exiting the
airport. WARNING: The Bee-Line Expressway is a Toll road. Bring
quarters with you!! The tolls to Disney World amount to approx.
$1.25. (yes $1.25 to go about 10 miles.) Look for the signs for
Interstate 4 and exits for Walt Disney World resort. If you are
going to the following resorts take the EPCOT Center exit:
(Polynesian, Contemporary, Grand Floridian, Disney Inn, or the
Magic Kingdom). Then follow the signs for The Magic Kingdom exit.
This is faster and shorter than going the “correct” way. Otherwise
follow the other signs. The signs on Walt Disney World property
are very plentiful, and it is hard to get lost. Just follow the
signs, It might look like you are out in the middle of nowhere,
but you’ll get there. Keep in mind, Disney property is the size
of Manhattan!

There are plenty of buses running to every theme park and
resort. The best way to get around WDW has to be the Monorail
system. Here are the stops for each monorail:

Resort Monorail: TTC, Polynesian Resort, Grand Floridian
Resort, The Magic Kingdom, and the
Contemporary Resort.

Magic Kingdom Monorail: TTC, and The Magic Kingdom.

EPCOT Center Monorail: TTC, and EPCOT Center.

The best way to get from EPCOT to The Magic Kingdom and back is
via Monorail. Get on the monorail at EPCOT center and then get off
at the next stop. This will be the TTC. From here you have two
options: you can board the ferry and float across the lake or take
another monorail. There are two choices for the 2nd monorail:
the Resort monorail or the Magic Kingdom monorail. The Resort
monorail will have short or no lines. You can only take this
monorail if you are staying in a Disney owned resort. If you are
staying at a Disney hotel use your Resort ID card to board the
resort monorail. The cards are printed by computer with your
name, resort, and room number (Sometimes stamped with FOR

Your best bet to get to MGM Studios from your Disney Resort is
via bus or by driving if you have a rental car. However, you are
now able to take a boat from EPCOT, The Swan, The Dolphin, The
Yacht Club, or The Beach Club to MGM.

All buses running in WDW are color coded so you can easily
spot which bus you should take. Here is a list of the colors and
their stops.


Green Flag – Disney Inn, Polynesian Village, TTC.
Red Flag – TTC, EPCOT Center, The Disney Marketplace.
Blue Flag – Fort Wilderness Resort, TTC.
Green/Gold “EC V” Flag – All Villas, EPCOT Center, Lake Buena
Vista Club, Disney Marketplace.
Green/Gold “MK” Flag – All Villas, TTC.
Blue/White Flag – Hotel Plaza hotels, Disney Marketplace.
Gold Flag – TTC, Contemporary Resort.



The Magic Kingdom is divided into seven major “lands”: Main
Street U.S.A., Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square,
Mickey’s Starland, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland. I’ll describe
each one and tell you the attractions that are in that land.


This is where you might do most of your shopping. The street
is lined with shops and places to eat. There are a few
attractions here: The Walt Disney World Railroad, which I
recommend riding when you are tired of walking and need a break;
an arcade with vintage arcade games; and the movie “The Walt
Disney Story,” which tells the story of the Man behind the Mouse.
If you do ride the railroad, ride it around the entire park, there
are a lot of sights to see. The ride contains some AA. Part of
the Railroad might be closed at times due to construction in the
park. The buildings are built with turn of the century
architecture. Stop and have an ice cream cone and listen to the
piano player play tunes, or cool off on a horse drawn trolley.


This is a 1950’s view of tomorrow which contains some popular
attractions. There are also shops and places to eat here too.

@ * Space Mountain – A thrilling roller coaster ride in the
dark. This ride is tame, but still not for
the weak at heart. I have ridden it 3-4
times and I enjoyed it. This ride is
accompanied by long lines. Ride it just prior
to park closing, or right after the park
opens. Don’t miss it if you like roller
coasters!!! 2 minute 38 second ride.
* Carousel of Progress – A neat entertaining ride with a
catchy song (you will be singing it after the
ride!). This ride does not have long lines.
It traces one family’s progress through two
centuries. Go on this ride if you are tired
and hot. 22 minutes long. This ride contains
a lot of AA, and a rotating theater!!
* Dream Flight – A cute ride about the history of flight. Very
short, but entertaining, usually accompanied
by short lines. 4 1/2 minutes long. Large
screens overhead simulate landings, take offs
etc. Some AA, 2-D cut outs and “popup” book
Mission to Mars – Outdated “simulator” (if you can call it
that) where you “fly” to Mars. The theater
has some neat effects (seats moving during
launch, etc.) yet it is not very exciting.
However, it is a good place to cool off.
Small amount of AA. Take note of how
everything is outdated in this attraction.
Be sure to give a nod to Mr. Johnson at the
“preflight” briefing — he has an incredible
likeness to the father in Carousel of
* American Journeys – 360 degree circle vision film (the
screen surrounds you!) about America.
Enjoyable and good sights of the USA. 21
minutes long.
@ Grand Prix Raceway – A fun ride if you like don’t mind long
lines. You drive a miniature gasoline
powered car around a 2,260 foot track at a
blazing 7mph!! Small children under a
certain height are not allowed to drive.
Approximately 4 minutes long. A great ride
for kids to “drive” a car.
@ Star Jets – A simple rule for this ride is: Skip it! Not
very exciting and there is usually a 1/2 hour
or more wait. It is no more than those
carnival rides with the hydraulic arms that
lift the “spaceships” off the ground. Very
similar to Dumbo the Flying Elephant in
* WEDWAY People Mover – A fun and relaxing ride on monorail
like trains. They ride above Tomorrowland
and go into other rides. If you have any
doubts about riding Space Mountain, ride this
first as it will take you into Space Mountain
and you will be able to see what it is like.
The people mover uses electromagnets for
pollution free power.


This land has some of the best rides in the Magic Kingdom,
including some shops where you can buy unusual souvenirs (pirate
hats, pirate cap guns, rubber spiders, etc.). The buildings are of
Caribbean and Polynesian style. Here you also can have your
picture taken as a pirate!

The Enchanted Tiki Birds – An interesting but tame
attraction in which AA birds serenade the
audience with quite a few songs which will
leave you smiling. (Yet don’t go in it twice,
you will get bored with it (at least I
* Pirates of the Caribbean – Probably the best AA attraction
in the Magic Kingdom. This is a boat ride
that takes you along on a pirates’ raid on a
Caribbean island. A truly amazing ride that
will leave you singing the theme song. There
is a small log flume drop in the beginning,
but nothing to be scared about. It is a
truly a great ride! Don’t miss it! When you
are about to go on this ride, go into the
LEFT line. It is ALWAYS shorter. (See Basic
Tips section)
@ * Jungle Cruise – This is a good 10 minute boat ride where you
ride through the African jungle along with
your witty boat captain. Encountered along
the way are an Elephant bathing area, hippos,
gorillas, snakes, large waterfalls, and more.
An enjoyable and entertaining ride, loaded
with AA. Kids love this ride! Beware, the
waiting lines are longer than they look. Go
just before the park closes, or right after
it opens.
Swiss Family Treehouse – This outdoor attraction is a
recreation of the treehouse from the Swiss
Family Robinson Disney Movie. Climbing stairs
is involved here, so those who hate stairs
beware. Despite the stairs, the tree (which
is artificial) has many interesting
inventions that the family devised. This
attraction closes at dusk.


This land takes a look at the Old West of the USA. Many of
the attractions are fun and enjoyable. Shops and places to eat can
also be found here.

* Country Bear Vacation Hoedown – A great show where AA bears
sing about their vacation. The songs have
funny lyrics, and the show is altogether
fun and entertaining. Don’t be discouraged
by long lines, they move all at once when
the show lets out. Be sure to give a nod to
the AA moose, deer and buffalo on your way
Tom Sawyer Island – Here kids can experience a playground
with barrel bridges, Ft. Sam Clemens, and
more. Food and restrooms are available on
the island. Adults, relax and get a bite to
eat while the kids play.
* Splash Mountain – (OPENING FALL 1992) This is the same ride
as the one in Disneyland in CA. It follows
the adventures of Brer Rabbit and his
friends from the Disney movie Song of the
South. At the end you are treated to the
a 45 degree log flume drop down Chickapin
Hill!! 9 minutes long.
* Walt Disney World Railroad – Here is another place where you
can get on the railroad. WARNING: AT THE
@ * Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – This is another great roller
coaster. It’s a lot of fun, but again it’s
not for the weak at heart. If you are unsure
walk up to the exit of the ride, where you
can see the “runaway” mine trains going
around the track. Go on this ride during
the parades, fireworks, or at the end or
beginning of the day. It is a very popular
ride. There are terrific sights inside the
“caves” where the train goes. If you are
still shaky about whether or not to go on
it, try the ride at night, when it becomes
much tamer than it is during the day. Just
a note of warning: The worst drop on the
ride is after the 3rd hill (the hill is the
thing that brings you to the top (real
noisy)), after a sweeping left turn the
train will straighten out, and then all of a
sudden, down you go!!


This land represents colonial USA. There are some neat shops
here along with a 130 year old oak tree. Shops and places to eat
are also here.

The Hall of Presidents – Not a thrilling attraction. The
show takes place in a theater and it is
quite boring for the most part. The show
starts with a film describing how important
the Constitution is to Americans. The good
part of the show is the roll call of all 41
presidents of the United States (Including
George Bush). The AA figures are incredibly
lifelike. Then Abraham Lincoln stands up
and talks. Not incredibly thrilling, but a
good place to cool off. Not for kids under
10, as it will bore them to death (unless
they really fully understand what the
Constitution is and what it means to us as
Liberty Square Riverboat – This is a neat ride on a
recreated Mississippi Riverboat. It has
some great scenery including “injuns”, a
cabin fire, and more. It’s a nice way to
relax for 20 minutes on the rivers of
America and see Huck Finn country.
* Haunted Mansion – This is not as scary as it sounds; in
fact, it is actually quite humorous. During
your journey through the house you meet up
with 999 happy haunts. The lines are
usually short and it is worthwhile to ride
it. Contains AA. Lots of fun! Small
children might be scared however.


This used to be Mickey’s Birthdayland, but it was changed
when Mickey’s party was over. It is now called Mickey’s Starland
but overall it is still geared toward very young kids as it was

Petting Zoo – Pet the farm animals. See Minnie Moo, the cow
with the Mickey Mouse ears on its side.
Mickey’s house – Take a look at this (it’s pretty cute).
+ Other Items, such as meet the characters from
The Disney afternoon etc. (In the back.)
Duckburg U.S.A. – A recreation of Uncle Scrooge’s town.
* Walt Disney World Railroad – Yet another place to grab the


This is where you will find most of the smaller kids and
their parents on the rides. Most of the rides here are simple and
short, yet interesting and fun. Shops and places to eat are also

* Magic Journeys – A 3-D 20 minute film with INCREDIBLE 3-
dimensional effects where the objects come
right out of the screen and in front of your
face!!! Don’t miss it. It does not have
long lines and you get to see a 3-D Donald
Duck cartoon before the actual film. The
only Disney cartoon ever made in 3-D:
Working for Peanuts. And it’s Air-
Skyway to Tomorrowland – This is your typical skyway cable
ride. If you don’t feel like walking to
Tomorrowland then take this. The lines are
usually shorter at Tomorrowland. By taking
this ride you get so see some of the not so
impressive sights of WDW, such as the
rooftops etc. This attraction closes when
the wind starts blowing hard, or a Florida
storm is brewing.
* It’s a Small World – Don’t miss it!! A very cute and
entertaining boat ride where dolls from all
over the world sing a song that you will
never forget. In fact, you’ll probably be
singing it for weeks! Includes AA. A
relaxing and cooling ride. This ride came
from the 1964 World’s Fair in New York.
Snow White’s Scary Adventures – Don’t be misled my the name
of the ride. It’s a cute ride, nothing
spectacular. A witch keeps popping out at
you and trying to “scare” you.
Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride – Actually it’s not that wild but it’s
geared for kids. It always looks like you
are going to crash into something during
this ride, but that’s part of the fun.
Peter Pan’s Flight – A cute ride about Peter Pan, where you
fly around the ride looking down on a city,
Captain hook, etc. Includes AA.
@ * 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – A submarine ride based on the
movie where you will “descend” under the sea
and see sharks, the lost city of Atlantis,
serpents, and more (all artificial). The
effects on this ride are not that
incredible, but it is a neat ride. WATCH
OUT, the lines for this ride are LONG!!
* Cinderella’s Castle – Not really an attraction, but it’s a
great background for pictures. Inside there
is a 6-7 panel mosaic with gold that depicts
the story of Cinderella. It also houses the
restaurant King Stephens Banquet Hall.
Mad Tea Party – Spin yourself dizzy in those famous teacups.
You don’t have to go fast if you don’t want
to. This ride is nothing exciting, but if
you want to go on it you must fight with
crowds. It is surprisingly popular.
Golden Carousel – Your typical carousel. Originally from
Olympic Park in New Jersey. Restored to an
incredibly dazzling condition. Take note,
everyone gets to ride a white horse on this
Dumbo, the Flying Elephant – Just like the StarJets in
Tomorowland (including the long lines).


Check the information centers for EXACT times. After you see
the shows once, take advantage of the crowds not trying to get on
the rides. Most of the waiting times for most rides are cut more
than 80% during parades and fireworks.

Daily Parade – Usually around 3pm. See it once and then take
advantage of it on your next visit to the park. The
20th anniversary parade has huge cold air balloons of
famous Disney characters and more.
SPECTRO-MAGIC – This new show replaces the old Main Street
Electrical Parade which is being sent to
Euro-Disneyland. This parade uses fiber-optic,
prismatic holographic, and electro-luminescent
technologies. Clouds of underlit liquid nitrogen
accompany the good old twinkle lights. Truly an
incredible parade with great music and super effects.
DON’T MISS IT. (The parade might not be running
during the ‘off’ season. Check information centers
for info.)
Fireworks – 10pm. Don’t worry about this, as you can see it from
anywhere in the park. The Grand Floridian resort, The
Polynesian Resort, and the Contemporary Resort are all
good places to watch the fireworks. Personally I
enjoy the Polynesian, grab a chair on the beach and
look straight across the lagoon. There are only
fireworks when the Magic Kingdom is open after 10pm.

EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow) Center is
divided into two major areas: Future World and World Showcase. In
each of the two areas are pavilions about certain topics and
countries. NOTE: Most of the rides in EPCOT Center use a
continuous train, so people are always getting on them and the
lines move quickly. The majority of the rides in Future World can
be ridden during midday with average waiting times, however if you
don’t want to wait, go on the rides during Illuminations (the
Laser Light show), or stay until the park closes; the lines get
shorter about 2 hours before closing.


Future world has 8 main pavilions, each with its own theme. Some
pavilions have attractions within them.

* Spaceship Earth – This ride (which is actually inside the
big silver sphere!!) traces the history of
communication and is one of the best rides
all sorts of sights such as the Sistine
ceiling, Rome after it fell, King Tut, the
telegraph, television, today’s technology
and the technology of Tomorrow’s Child. The
climax is when you reach the top of the geo-
sphere and encounter a breathtaking view of
the stars. This is by far one of the most
incredible planetariums I have seen. Then
you descend and listen to the song
Tomorrow’s Child. Narrated by Walter
* The Living Seas – This attraction is a walk through as well
as a ride. First there is a brief preview,
then you see a very good movie about the
oceans. After that you descend in a
“Hydrolator” to Sea Base Alpha and ride
through part of the coral reef environment.
After that you are free to walk around Sea
Base Alpha and try on a diving suit, see the
manatee, learn about all sorts of marine
life, and more. It’s a lot of fun. Much
can be learned here about the undersea
* The Land – This pavilion actually has 3 attractions in it!
* Listen to the Land – This is a boat ride
through the gardens of EPCOT, ecosystems,
and future agriculture. See lettuce growing
in styrofoam, plants hanging in midair,
bananas growing next to rice right next to
cacao. Most of the food grown here is
served in WDW restaurants. Some AA.
* Kitchen Kabaret – This theater show explains
the 4 basic food groups in a comical way.
Bread, Ham, Eggs, Milk and others sing to
you about health with your AA host Bonnie
Appetite. A lot of AA.
Symbiosis – A 19 minute film about
agriculture and farming. Not my favorite,
yet informative. Also in this pavilion are
two places to eat: a rotating sit-down
restaurant and a marketplace type food
* Journey Into Imagination – 3 attractions
* Journey Into Imagination Ride – A ride about
the imagination, with AA figures. When you
see a white light flashing ahead in the
ride, smile!! Your picture will be taken
and shown at the end of the ride. Ride with
Dreamfinder and his helper Figment (a
purple childish dragon) through the
* The Image Works – A futuristic playground
where you can conduct an orchestra, star in
a movie, play with sounds, lasers,
pinboards, sound effects, bubbles, a neon
tunnel and more.
*** Captain EO – Another 3-D movie that is
absolutely incredible!!! DON’T MISS IT!!!
Lasers shoot throughout the theater along
with lights. A INCREDIBLE movie. (18
minutes) There is a pre-show about taking
pictures, which is good. The movie stars
Michael Jackson. And he and his puppet
friends must turn an ugly empress into a
beautiful princess through music.
* World of Motion – 2 attractions
* World of Motion Ride – This shows man’s
progress in his quest for transportation.
A lot of AA make this ride really good.
Don’t miss it. It’s worth it. A great
ride!!! See the wheel being invented, a
train being held up, a “small” automobile
accident, planes from the Golden Age of
aviation, and the future of transportation.
Transcenter – Here you can see the cars and
transportation of the future. Actual
working prototype cars are on display here,
along with the Geo Tracker Boom Box Truck.
You can also look at and sit in the newest
GM models.
* Horizons – This ride looks at 3 aspects of the future:
Desert, Space and Sea. This ride has lots
of AA and is one not to be missed! At the
end of the ride you can choose which way you
want it to end. There are also two three
story movie screens which make you feel like
you are flying. See the future of desert
farming, undersea habitation, and space
colonization. Don’t miss it!!
* Wonders of Life – 3 Main Attractions.
* Body Wars – A flight simulator ride through
the human body. Here you are “shrunk” down
really small and you are injected into the
human body. When an emergency occurs
however, your tour becomes more than just
for sightseeing. The entire 40 seat theater
bucks and pivots to the movie. Very good
but too short.
* Cranium Command – You look through the head
of a 12 year old boy and see his thought
processes. Includes such stars as Bobcat
Goldwaith, Hans & Frans from SNL, and a
cute story line. Try not to miss it. It is
worth a few laughs. Includes AA.
The Making of Me – Dramatic micro-photogrophy
explains the reproduction cycle from
fertilization to birth. This attraction
had the longest wait in all of Disney
World. Some people may not want their
children to see such material. A sign
explains what this attraction is about. It
is up to your discretion to see it or not.
* Universe of Energy – This ride, which is interesting to
those who want to learn, is about energy.
It has one great part where you travel back
millions of years to the time of the
dinosaurs and see them (They are AA). Very
informative look at the diminishing supply
of energy on the planet earth. The entire
theater in this attraction actually moves!!
The solar cells on the roof of the building
provide the power.
There are 2 other small pavilions:
Communicore East and West – These smaller pavilions have
computers and other electronic gadgets to
play with, as well as places to eat and
shop. Communicore East also hosts
Backstage Magic. This is a look at the
computers that run EPCOT Center.


World Showcase depicts 11 countries from around the world.
Some of them have attractions; others do not. They all have
restaurants where you can sample authentic food from that country.
The people who work in these pavilions are from the countries that
they represent. Each pavilion has shops where you can buy
authentic merchandise from that country. The countries are listed
in a counter clockwise direction around the EPCOT Lagoon (Except
for Russia).

Canada – This country is depicted by a 360 degree Circle
Vision film, two shops and a cafeteria style
restaurant called Le Cellier. The movie, named
O’ Canada, displays the life of the people in
Canada. Some of the most impressive sights are in
this film; skiing down slopes, the Cathedral of
Notre Dame, ice hockey, and part of the Canadian
air force, all in 360 degrees! The castle like
building in this pavilion was styled after Chateau
Laurier in Ottawa. The two shops offer authentic
French-Canadian gifts and souvenirs. See ya en
Canada, eh?
* United Kingdom – This pavilion recreates an English town;
complete with a tea shop and a pub. The Rose and
Crown Pub offers traditional English cooking, I
recommend the seafood medley (broiled scallops,
shrimp and muscles) as an appetizer and the Fish
N’ Chips with malt vinegar for the main course.
The lamb chops are also very good. The Pub also
offers many other dishes, dark beer, and ale. The
shops include The Toy Soldier (toy shop), tea
shop, and… A few times a day the English
Players present a hilarious street play based in
Shakespear’s time. This play would not be
complete with out the help from the audience
though! Have a jolly good time old chap!!
France – A miniature Eiffel Tower sets the mood for France.
A few restaurants offer up the traditional French
cuisine complete with escargot and crepes. To
cool off go inside and see the movie. A very
elegant theatre (complete with a crystal
chandelier and velvet curtins) depicts France on a
180 degree screen. The film is very well done.
Other shops are here where you can purchase all
sorts of French merchandise. Bon Appetite!
Morocco – Well, you can get all sorts of strange things
here. I never spent much time here, but you can
get a fez!
Japan – Good food, & shops where you can buy fans and
stuff. If you are in the courtyard area of the
pavilion, keep your eye out for the man who
sculpts candy. I am not kidding either, it’s
pretty neat. Nice Japanese gardens and the
Emperor’s Palace. Soyonara!
* U.S.A. – Here you can get the traditional hot dog and soda.
But you must see the American Adventure. This 29
minute presentation shows the most important parts
of the history of the U.S. in a unique way AND
remember, none of the people on stage are real!!!
They are all AA. Don’t miss this one. See ya
Italy – Food and shops. No real attractions, Italian
statues spot the courtyard. Good Italian food.
Germany – Here you can get German beer, and German Food.
A cart with German lead crystal has some crystal
key chains for sale along with other items.
China – This country has a 360 degree circle vision film
which is very good. The fast food area has the
best egg rolls I have ever had.
@ * Norway – DON’T MISS the ride Maelstrom at this pavilion!!
It is a ride in a Viking boat through the
Norwegian seas. With a few surprises!! -But very
short. The ride does move you backwards for a
bit, and makes it look as if you are going to go
over a cliff. Some folks might find this
unnerving. Excellent cafeteria style and sit down
food is available here along with shops selling
miscellaneous items and a travel center (If you
plan to visit). If the line for Maelstrom is
outside the building you may want to wait. Disney
engineers have come up with an incredible way of
herding people and at times it can be quite
* Mexico – Almost the entire pavilion is enclosed in a large
reproduction of a Mexican pyramid. This means
that it is all air-conditioned!! Inside it is set
up as a Mexican market at night. The ride called
“El Rio del Tiempo” (Translated means: The River
of Time) is here. This boat ride takes you
through Mexico’s past and present. Although
represented mainly by rear-projection movies, this
is an enjoyable and pleasant ride. The end has
some of the best “imitation” firework effects I
have here see. Mexican is served on the bank of
this “river”. Many authentic Mexican gifts can be
purchased here, ranging from sombreros to those
rugs that the people wear (If anyone knows the
name of those things please write to me and tell
me!!!) In the entrance to the pavilion there is an
ongoing display of Mexican art depicting the
history of the country.

I am putting a catchy phrase from that country at the end of
each description. I need something for the following countries:
Morocco, Italy, Germany, China, Norway, & Mexico. Please send me
any suggestions. Thanks.

Try to see all of the rides marked with an asterisk (*). Any
rides that you miss during the day, go back and see during

Extra Shows in EPCOT Center – Check the information centers for
the time that the show starts. After you see the shows once, take
advantage of the crowds not trying to get on the rides. As in the
Magic Kingdom most of the waiting times for most rides are cut
more than 70% during parades and fireworks.

Illuminations – An incredible laser & fireworks show over the
lagoon in EPCOT center. Don’t miss it. But warning, crowds
start lining up around the lagoon as early as 2 hours before the
show starts!! The ultimate firework/laser show!!!
Surprise in the Skies – A special daytime fireworks show along
with kites, ultralights to celebrate WDW’s 20th Anniversary.
For the show’s finale, cold-air balloons of famous Disney
characters, representing all EPCOT countries, are blown up all
around the lagoon.

There also may be some other shows on the lagoon in EPCOT center
during midday, again check with information centers for times.

NOTE: In future versions I will go into more detail about World
Showcase and Future World. I apologize for such a short
section on World Showcase.

At this park you can see actual films being made. There are
only a few attractions, but an entire day can be spent here. This
park is much smaller than the other two, so it doesn’t take many
people to make it crowded. (The lines are bearable in the early
morning hours (7am) and after 5pm.

@ * The Great Movie Ride – This ride contains some of the most
sophisticated AA figures ever created.
Hollywood’s greatest films are feature here.
It is a great ride but the lines can get quite
long during midday. Movies featured are
Singing in the Rain, Casablanca, Raiders of
the Lost Ark, Alien, and The Wizard of Oz,
just to name a few.
@ * Backstage Studio Tour – This is a Tram ride through the
back lot of the studio. It features
Catastrophe Canyon: a simulated rainstorm,
earthquake, flash flood, and explosions all
rolled into one. Other things include
wardrobe, lighting, set design cameras etc.
Of course you can walk the New York street
back lot set. Also included are the bungalows
where the actors stay while on location. (You
can’t enter them, but the tram goes by them.
@ * Special Effects Tour – This tour, which lasts approximately
1 hour, shows how miniatures, blue mats, and
other special effects are done for the movies.
Some other parts of the tour include 3
soundstages, video editing, audio recording,
and final production. At the end of the tour
a preview of new Disney/Touchstone movies is
@ * SuperStar Television – This is a great production where the
audience actually takes part in a television
broadcast. The audience can star on the
Tonight Show, David Letterman, Cheers, I Love
Lucy, the News, and even hit a home run for
the New York Mets.
* Animation Building – Here you can take a tour and see how
cartoons are made by Disney animators. See
cells from Disney classics, or watch Disney
artists work on current animation projects.
* Monster Sound Show – Here you can learn how sound effects
are added to a movie. Of course that is done
with the help of a few volunteers from the
audience. The sound effects are produced on
the famous Foley stage, named after its
creator. The outcome is quite humorous.
@ *** Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular – All I can say is
DON’T Miss it. This shows all kinds of
different stunts. There are only a few shows a
day, so get the times and decide when to see
it. If you see a crowd forming, get in the
line — chances are they know the starting
time and they are getting a head start. If you
can, sit near the middle top for the best
view. After dusk the show is sometimes
shortened. Go during midday to see the entire
@ ** Star Tours – This is a flight simulator ride through space
based on the movie Star Wars. You are supposed
to be going to the planet Endor, but your
“pilot” (An AA robot) does not really know how
to fly this ship. It is his first flight and
you are in for a bumpy ride!! The entire 40
seat theater bucks and moves in time to the
movie, creating a very good effect.
@ ** Muppets 3-D Movie – Probably the best 3-D movie of all time.
incredible 3-D effects follow the humor of the
crazy and lovable Muppets. When Fozzy Bear
squirts water at the audience you feel it, and
bubbles come out of the ceiling when Miss
Piggy sings “Dream a Little Dream.”
* The Honey I Shrunk the Kids Move Set Adventure – Here you
can experience what it would be like to be
shrunk down to a quarter of an inch. Truly a
very imaginative playground. Fun for all ages.
Try to see it!!
* Voyage of The Little Mermaid – This attraction just opened
a few months ago. Although I have never see
it, people have told me it is spectacular!
The stage show incorporates live action, AA,
lasers, holographic imaging and more to
present the songs and other items from the
animated movie. If you have small children be
sure not to miss this one!! Even the adults
will love it!
Hollywood Blvd. – (Main street at the entrance to MGM) Here
you can star in your own music video, make a
movie, have your picture taken on the cover of
a magazine, buy actual props from movies and
SUNSET BLVD. – UNDER CONSTRUCTION (For more information,
please refer to the “In the Future” section.)
free fall drop!! (For more information please
refer to the “In the Future” section.

If you are staying in Disney World when the theme parks close
around 8pm-9pm, don’t fear!! The night is young at that time!
Almost every resort offers some type of night activity.
Personally, I enjoy going over to the Grand Floridian, sitting in
the main building and listening to the band play. It plays every
night around the same time. The Polynesian has a 6pm and 9pm luau
every night. Reservations are required, but it is a lot of fun.
The Contemporary Resort offers Broadway music with dinner
(Broadway at the Top Dinner Show (Reservations required 30 days in
advance)), The Outer Rim (a lounge, but they serve non-alcoholic
drinks to those under 21, and they show Monday Night football,
baseball etc.) and also WDW’s largest arcade with the latest in
arcade technology. Take at least one night go up to the 15th floor
of the Contemporary resort. There is a breathtaking view of the
Vacation Kingdom up there, along with a lounge; a great place to
watch the fireworks. For the ultimate in night-life, go to
Pleasure Island. People under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
There is a 10 theater movie house, The Comedy Warehouse, The Neon
Armadillo (Country music), XZFR Rock & Roll Beach Club, The
Adventurers Club, and much more. Some are night club and dancing,
others are comedy and music. Pleasure Island’s motto is “New
Year’s Eve every night!!”. And they mean it, fireworks and all!!!
(For more information on Pleasure Island please see the section
“Other Attractions”.)

і Dining і

Now for a section on places to eat. Most restaurants in
Disney World can be expensive, depending on what you order. I’ll
tell you about some of the restaurants that I have been to and
enjoyed. Although, all the food in Disney World is great!
Reservations are required for almost all sit down restaurants.

The Magic Kingdom does not have many restaurants. I believe
there are only a few places to sit down and have a dinner. But
there are plenty of places to snack on hot dogs, hamburgers etc.
In the Magic Kingdom try King Stephen’s Banquet Hall located in
Cinderella’s Castle. Also try Tony’s Town Square Cafe and the
Plaza Restaurant, both located on Main Street U.S.A. A full
service dinner/show is available in Frontierland at the Diamond
Horseshoe (reservations required). The Liberty Square Tavern in
Liberty Square also offers full service. For cafeteria service
try the Crystal Palace. There are plenty of places to get a hot

EPCOT Center has plenty of restaurants (More than one could ask
for!). Future World offers the Coral Reef Restaurant in the
Living Seas pavilion. Here you can eat seafood right next to the
aquarium! It is really a lot of fun. In the Land pavilion there
is The Land Grille Room restaurant. This restaurant actually
rotates and you can see part of the rides in the building. In
World Showcase, England’s Pub has great food. Like I said before,
the fish n’ chips are great! The Chinese restaurant has great
Chinese food. Every pavilion in World Showcase has some sort of
restaurant with authentic food from that country. Dine in France
for a romantic night, or party the Oktoberfest way in Germany.
Then hop over to Japan where your food is cooked on your table in
front of you, or head over to Italy for some pasta. There are
almost unlimited possibilities for dining in EPCOT Center. If
hamburgers and hot dogs are all you want then head over to the
American pavilion in World Showcase, or visit the Communicore East
and West in Future World.

In MGM I recommend the Brown Derby for a good meal. The
prices are a little expensive, but it is worth it. For something
a little out of the ordinary try The 50’s Prime Time Cafe. Here
you sit in a mock “kitchen” with 50’s decor while “Mom” serves the
food. The food offered is Magnificent Meat Loaf, Granny’s pot
roast, Aunt Selma’s chicken salad, and alphabet soup. While
eating you get to watch reruns of famous TV shows from the 50’s
such as Car 54, Donna Reed, etc. There are also plenty of places
to get a hot dog, such as the Backstage Express, and The
Soundstage Restaurant.

In the Disney resorts there are restaurants too. And the food
is just as good as anywhere else. The Polynesian has seafood at
the Papeete Bay Verandah. Go to Flagler’s in The Grand Floridian
for a great Italian dinner complete with accordion music and of
course the song Amore. The Dolphin offers 7 restaurants, Port
Orleans has one or two along with a food court. The Caribbean
Beach also has a food court, and the Contemporary has a $13.95
all-you-can-eat buffet with roast beef, shrimp, pizza, salad,
dessert and more!!

There is one thing for sure though, you won’t go hungry in
WDW. You will always see some place and say: “Ooo, I think we
should try that sometime.” All around the food is delicious and I
never really had a “bad” experience. Dinner reservations can
usually be made 2-3 days in advance if you want to. Plan ahead
and decide what park you are going to go to the next day, then
plan which attractions you will try to see.


Ah, the dreaded part of every vacation… Trying to figure
out what to buy your friends back at home. There are shops all
over the place in the theme parks. In EPCOT Center you can get
authentic gifts from whichever country you choose in World
Showcase. Future World offers futuristic gifts. If you really
can’t decide what to get, go over to the Disney Marketplace (Lake
Buena Vista). Here are all sorts of gifts from all over the
Vacation Kingdom. One of the best shops is Mickey’s Character
Shop. Here you can buy stuffed Disney characters, animation
cells, robot airbrushed T-shirts, magnets and more. There are
also gourmet shops, clothing stores, a nature store, and more.


There are two main water parks in Walt Disney World. The two
parks were built almost 20 years apart, so obviously there are
some major advantages to the new one. Here are some features of
each one.

River Country – This water park has white sandy beaches, rope
swings, tube water slides, and other water
attractions. This park was built in 1971 and the
admission price is nominal. (about $10.75 for an
adult, $8.25 children 3-9 years old.
Typhoon Lagoon -The ultimate water park!!! The world’s
largest wave pool can be found here along with
Humunga Kowabunga. This is a body slide at an
incredibly steep angle in which you reach speeds
of 40mph!!! Castaway Creek is a relaxing slow
water raft ride through tropical rain forests,
water falls and more. Some of the best water
slides are here also along with saltwater
snorkeling with fish!! The white beaches are also
a relaxing sight. When you’re]there don’t forget
to hit Mayday Falls, Keelhall Falls, and Gangplank
Falls for some water slide fun. Get the tubes
that hold 4 people for Gangplank Falls.


The three theme parks and the two water parks are not the only
things to do in WDW. During the day take time off to swim in the
pool or rent some boats. The boats can be rented from most resort
marinas. The fees are high, however, if you stay in a Disney
resort offering boat rental, you might be able to get a special
deal such as: $50 will buy 2 hours of boat rental per day per
person in your party for the duration of your stay. That is an
incredible deal, since the regular price is $17.50 to rent a mini-
speed boat for 30 minutes. Just about every resort in WDW has
some sort of pool. Recently Disney has been going crazy with its
pool designs. At the Beach and Yacht Club resorts the pool has a
sand bottom, at Port Orleans there is a dragon for a slide, and at
the Polynesian there is a waterslide through a fake lava mountain.
The best pool for laps is over at the Contemporary resort.

Pleasure Island is the ultimate in night club entertainment.
Opening at 7pm, guests must be over 18 to enter alone. (U.S.
driver’s license or passport must be presented.) Under 18 must be
accompanied by an adult. Here is a brief description of what you
will find at Pleasure Island: (Age restrictions given where

Neon Armadillo Music Saloon – The hottest live country music
on this side of Nashville.
XZFR Rock & Roll Beach Club – Classic rock from the 50’s to
the 90’s played live. Surf’s up!!
Mannequins Dance Palace – Contemporary music, dancing on a
rotating dance floor with incredible sets and special
effects. The spaceship from Close Encounters can be
realistically reproduced here. (Ages 21 and older).
CAGE! – Best in European and American Top 40 video dance
music. (Ages 21 and older).
Adventurers Club – Eccentric travelers, talking masks, and
outrageous stories. This 1930’s explorer’s club can
have anything happen!! Good fun for the entire family.
The Comedy Warehouse – Live stand-up comedy. Watch 5
hilarious comedians make fun of Disney in a way you
will never forget!
New Year’s Eve Street Party – Live dance, band, nightclub on
the street. Every night countdown for a fireworks
show, and confetti! New Year’s Eve every night!
Shops – Shops for clothing, gifts, Disney Memorabilia, food,
posters, and more can be found here.
Restaurants – American barbecue at The Fireworks Factory,
Italian food at Portobello Yacht Club and sweets at
Sweet Surrender. Counter service available at
Merriweather’s Market.
AMC Pleasure Island 10 Theaters – 10 movie theaters playing
the latest films with state-of-the-art projection and
sound systems.

Discovery Island is a certified zoological park. To get over
there you must hop aboard one of the big boats that look like
yachts. There is a nominal admission fee of about $5.00. Here
you can explore an “exotic” island with all sorts of wildlife on
it. See toucans, parrots, flamingos, giant turtles, and more.
There are streams and foot bridges throughout the island. It is a
nice place to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of WDW.
Take note: NO drinking straws are allowed on the island. As the
animals might strangle themselves.

Fort Wilderness offers, biking, canoeing, campfires, and more.
If you are a golfer then you are in heaven. Three PGA
championship tour courses are at your disposal (Along with 2 under
construction, The Osprey Ridge and The Eagle Pines courses, to
open on January 1, 1992). The Oldsmobile Golf Classic is held
annually on the courses.

If you really become bored (very doubtful) you can leave
Disney property and head over to Universal Studios Florida or Sea
World of Florida. Both offer an enjoyable day under the Florida
sun. Farther away (1hr and 30mins) is Kennedy Space Center. This
is a great place to learn about space. You can see the space
shuttle here among other NASA things. You can also see a launch
of the space shuttle if you go at the right time (a once in a
lifetime event!).

Here are some basic tips for ANY Disney theme park:

1. Arrive 10-30 minutes before the park opens!!! Have a light
breakfast (doughnut and coffee, juice etc.).
2. Quickly go to the most popular attractions first!! Those are
the attractions I have marked with a @ sign. Go on as many as
you can before the lines get too long. At EPCOT, start
halfway around Future World, instead of at Spaceship Earth.
3. Make reservations for dinner around 9-10pm. Your reservations
should be set for about 4-5pm.
4. Eat lunch before the crowds do. 11am is usually good. (I know
it probably doesn’t sound too good to eat lunch early, but you
won’t have to fight larger lines!)
Why? – Most people are right brained and right handed so they
assume right is better. (I am not making this up.) I found
this to be true.
6. Parade time!! (3pm) Now, you have eaten lunch, and the rest of
the crowds are watching the parade, quick you have 1 hour to
see the popular rides!!
7. Eat dinner around 4:30-5:30pm. After 5pm the lines for the
rides start to shorten. Then go on more rides.
8. Fireworks, parades, Illuminations, are now being presented.
(9pm, 11pm etc.) Quickly go on more rides, putting emphasis on
the popular ones.
9a. Stay until the park closes (providing your kids aren’t asleep
yet!), going on the more popular rides as it gets later.
9b. Return to your hotel, get washed-up and go to one of the
resorts and walk around. For kids goto the Contemporary
resort, there is a huge arcade there. For couples I
recommend a romantic walk on the Polynesian’s beach or relax
to the big band music at the Grand Floridian.
10. Sleep and start over. (Or stay up all night…)

Change this around anyway you want, but numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, 6,
8, and 9 are the most important!!


This section is reserved for information regarding resorts,
attractions and other items of that nature that have not been
opened yet, are still on the drawing board, have just opened
within the last revision, or are under construction. There is
also information on new Disney Animated films, and Touchstone
films. The information in this section comes from Disney News
magazine, other Disney related sources, and newspaper clippings.
Due to the nature of this section, I can not promise that any of
these plans will become a reality. This section is for the kind
of person that MUST know what Disney is doing at all times. I
don’t know of any other source where this information is all put

MK=Magic Kingdom EP=EPCOT Center MGM=Disney/MGM Studios

Attraction Name Where is it?? When does it open?
Splash Mountain MK (Frontierland) November 6, 1992

Voyage of the Little MGM (Backstage near OPEN
Mermaid the animation bldg.)

Twilight Zone Tower MGM (Next to main 1994
of Terror entrance)

Expansion of MGM All over, making All throughout
(Sunset Blvd.) MGM twice as large the 1990’s

Dixie Landings Resort Near the Treehouse OPEN

Bonnet Creek Golf Near Dixie Landings OPEN

Disney’s Vacation East of EPCOT Center OPEN
Club Private)*

All Star Villages NO LOCATION KNOWN 1994

Fort Wilderness Lodge NO LOCATION KNOWN Mid 1990’s

Mediterranean Resort NO LOCATION KNOWN Mid 1990’s

2 New Golf courses Near the Disney Villa’s OPEN
Eagle Pines and
The Osprey Ridge

Alien Encounter Most likely, Disneyland NO TIME KNOWN
in CA first

Roger Rabbit’s Toon MGM NO TIME KNOWN
Town Transit

Mt. Fugi Roller EP, Japan Pavilion —
Coaster One or the other
or / in the next 5
Matterhorn Mountain EP, Swiss Pavilion?? -/ years.
Bobsled Ride

4th Theme Park South of MK’s Main NO TIME KNOWN
(Thrill)** Parking lot

Space Pavilion EP, Future World NO TIME KNOWN

Russia Pavilion EP, World Showcase 199?

Disney Boardwalk NO LOCATION KNOWN MID 1990’s

Celebration; Disney Southern edge of WDW Groundbreaking
city for residency scheduled for 1993

For those of you who must know what Disney is doing.
EURO-Disneyland France, (Near Paris) OPEN

Disney/MGM Studios EURO-Disneyland 1995

Beauty & the Beast and
The Little Mermaid EURO-Disneylnad 199?
Thrill Rides

Palm Beach, CA

Mickey’s Toontown Disneyland 1993

Toontown Trolley Disneyland 1993

Adventureland Tokyo Disneyland 1992

Swiss Family Treehouse Tokyo Disneyland MID-1993

Second Theme Park in Tokyo Disneyland NO TIME KNOWN


Philadelphia PA. IS NO GUARANTEE!!
NO LOCATION KNOWN or NO TIME KNOWN means that I have yet to
find information that suggests the location or approximate
opening day of the attraction. No guarantee that all of these
attractions will become a reality, however those projects listed
have either been started, made public or are on the drawing
board. (With the exception of the mini Disneyland.)

* The Disney Vacation Club is a private Disney residence where you
actually buy Disney property and can stay free. However you
can stay here under the World Adventure Plan.

і і
і As of late Dec. 1991 the construction of Disney’s 4th і
іtheme park was encountering problems. In the late 60’s when і
іDisney purchased the land, they agreed that 30% of the і
іland would remain as wildlife preserve. The land that was і
іcleared in early 1991 for the 4th theme park was under this і
і”protection”. I don’t really have any more information, і
іhowever I presume that construction will continue as soon as і
іthis matter is cleared. For those interested the 4th theme і
іpark will be a thrill park. Take a Six-Flags type park and і
іgive it a Disney twist and you get one heck of a thrill і
іpark!! і

Beauty and the Beast NEW November 21, 1991

The Adventures of the RERELEASE Feb. 1992
Great Mouse Detective

Pinnochio RERELEASE Summer 1992

Aladin (one voice NEW Fall 1992
by Robin Williams)

Completely computer NEW ????
Animated movie (No
title known yet)

Honey, I Blew up the Baby Medicine Man
Hand that Rocks the Cradle Noises Off
Newsies Blood on, Blood off

і MAPS і

In this first version there was a map in IFF (ILBM) format.
This format is standard for Amiga computers. However, I sold my
Amiga and got an IBM so now the file includes a map in the GIF
format. As of now the map is pretty crude, hopefully I will have
a new updated and color-coded map soon. I just have to find the
time to edit the map. Here is the key for the map:

1 – Magic Kingdom D – Swan Resort
2 – Grand Floridian Resort E – Disney/MGM Studios
3 – Polynesian Resort F – Discovery Island
4 – Ticket & Transportation Center G – Fort Wilderness
5 – Contemporary Resort H – River Country
6 – Magic Kingdom Parking I – Disney Resort Villas
7 – Car Care Center J – Disney’s Market Place
8 – Main Toll Plaza K – Pleasure Island
9 – EPCOT Center L – Hotel Plaza
A – EPCOT Parking M – Caribbean Beach Resort
B – Dolphin Resort N – Typhoon Lagoon
C – Beach & Yacht Club Resorts O – Disney Inn

Solid lines represent roads; dotted lines represent the monorail
lines. The flag marks golf courses, and blue stands for lakes,
streams etc.


Here are some interesting and trivial facts about WDW to test
your friend’s knowledge with!!

1. Built in 1917 the Golden Carousel in The Magic Kingdom
originally came from Olympic Park in Maplewood, NJ. The
carousel was refurbished, and all horses painted white.
(My mom rode this when she was little in the 1950’s)
2. The Walt Disney Railroad locomotives were originally used in
Mexico to haul sugar! They were completely done over and the
four locomotives were give the names: Lilly Belle, Roy O.
Disney, Walter E. Disney, and the Roger Broggie.
3. Cinderellas Castle is 180 feet high, and has a private
apartment in the castle that Walt designed so he could stay
over night in the park. Unfortunately he never got to use it.
4. The Jungle Cruise attraction uses 100 gas-fired heaters to heat
up the air to keep the tropical plants growing. 25 million
BTU’s kick in when the temperature drops below 36 degrees
5. The Swiss Family Treehouse is artificial, with 42 foot roots,
800,000 vinyl leaves, and 600+ branches.
6. The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad track is 2,780 feet long, is
on 2.5 acres of land, took 15 years of planing, 2 years of
construction, 650 tons of steel, and 16,000 gallons of paint.
When finished in 1981 it cost $17 million, or the entire cost
of Disneyland in 1955!! The fastest speed on the ride is 30
some mph.
7. The nautical flags that fly at 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
attraction were once hung wrong! A navy officer pointed it
out when the park first opened, instead of reading “Leagues”
it read “seugael”. The attraction’s lagoon contains 11.5
million gallons of water!!
8. Space Mountain is 180+ feet tall, 300+ feet in diameter, has
4,508,500 cubic feet of space, occupies a 10 acre site, and is
composed of 72 pre-stressed concrete beams weighing 74 tons
each! The ride never exceeds 28mph, slower than Big Thunder
9. Mission to Mars was originally named Flight to the Moon. It
was changed in 1969 when Apollo 11 landed on the moon.
10. The mini-race cars on the Grand Prix Raceway cost over $6,000
each. The track is 2,260 feet long and the cars go 7mph max.
11. Spaceship Earth is 164 feet in diameter, 180 feet high, and
contains 2,200,000 cubic feet of space. The outside “skin”
of the geosphere is made up of 954 triangular panels, none of
equal size or shape. Spaceship Earth is NOT perfectly round,
so it is not a geodesic dome, the word geosphere was born.
12. The Living Seas tank is 27 feet deep, 200 feet in diameter,
and contains 5.7 million gallons of seawater. The acrylic
windows are 18 feet high, and 8 inches thick!
13. The Wonders of Life is enclosed in a 100,000 square foot
geodesic dome. The attraction cost $100 million!
14. In The Universe of Energy, the moving theater cars weigh
30,000 lbs when fully loaded with 96 passengers. However
they are guided by a wire on the floor that is only 1/8 inch
15. There are more than 6,000 different food items available at
Walt Disney World!
16. Disney World uses 5.5 million pounds of potatoes each year
just to make french fries! That’s enough julienned potatoes
to circle the world 2.5 times.
17. In 1990 22 tons of vegetables were grown in the Land
Pavillion’s greenhouse.
18. There are 166 restaurants and snack spots from which to
choose from, and 35 varieties of cheese are served.
19. The chefs offer up 400 cases of fresh fruit daily.
20. Visitors order 2.1 million pounds of seafood each year and
over twice that in poultry.
21. Each year WDW serves enough hamburgers to cover every inch of
a four-hundred mile line.
22. The Caribbean Beach resort contains 2,112 rooms, making it the
sixth largest hotel complex in the United States!!
23. The creation of Walt Disney World became the largest private
construction project in the United States ever.
24. The Vacation Kingdom of the World was going to be called
Disney World, but it was Walt’s brother Roy who insisted that
it be called WALT Disney World.
25. “By early 1992 hotels on Walt Disney World property will
provide more than 17,000 guest rooms and 580,000 square feet
of meeting space.”
26. By opening day on October 1, 1971 there were 60,000 trees and
shrubs planted. Enough sod was used to cover 500 football
27. Walt Disney World has recently aquired new monorails. Talking
to the driver I found out that: The new monorails began their
daily runs in August of ’91; and the monorails are now all
computerized with a speed restriction: 40mph. Although, the
driver of the monorail stated that on test runs they have gone
90mph and could go faster!!
28. The lost and found department of WDW holds more than a
thousand hand tagged items lost by visitors. Some items that
were lost include: a wheelchair, a lamp, a Casio portable
organ, and fake ID’s. A pair of false teeth and a glass eye
were never claimed!!

More to come next time!!

If you know of some interesting information about Disney
World send it to me!!!
іFamous Quotations from Walt Disney Worldі

is a tribute to the philosophy and life of
Walter Elias Disney
…and to the talents, the dedication, and the loyalty
of the entire Disney organization that made Walt
Disney’s dream come true. May Walt Disney World bring
Joy and Inspiration and New Knowledge to all that come
to this happy place… a Magic Kingdom where the young
at heart of all ages can laugh and
play and learn -together.

Dedicated this 25th day of October, 1971

-Roy O. Disney
і The above is what Roy O. Disney stated when he dedicated Walt і
іDisney World. The bronze plaque on which this is inscribed can і
іbe found in Town Square on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. і

“Part of the Disney success is our ability to create a believable
world of dreams that appeals to all age groups.”
-Walt E. Disney

“Here in Florida, we have something special. There’s enough land
to hold all the ideas and plans we can possibly imagine.”
-Walt E. Disney

“You can dream, create and build the most wonderful place in the
world, but it takes people to make the dream a reality.”
-Walt E. Disney

і Special Thanks To: і

This section is where I can express my gratitude towards those
that have helped make this travel guide possible.

Walter Elias Disney – Walt demonstrated to the world that if you
put your mind to it you can create your dreams. He is a
direct inspiration to me.

My Parents and Grandparents – for taking me to Disney World five
times, without that I wouldn’t have been able to write this
Adam Liss – My editor. He did a great job in finding all those
errors I made while typing for a zillion hours. Thank you for
changing the ILBM file to GIF.
January Adams – Co-worker at my place of employment. She helped
me proofread the entire document for grammatical and other
types of errors.
James Kelly – My incredible Physics teacher who also enjoys Disney
World. I’d like to thank him for getting me information on
the new Little Mermaid Attraction, and for giving me some
Uncle Hank – (Not my uncle) He publishes a Shareware Review
newsletter, and in his latest issue he summarized my work.
Thank You for the first publicity of this book!!

All you have to do to get your name in here is to write a letter
to me with some sort of new, trivial, or interesting information
about Disney World!!


Here is a brief explanation of what has changed in each
revision, and how to read the revision code.
91.12.2 91 is the year, 12 is the month and 2
is the number of revisions for that
So 91.12.2 would read: December 1991, 2nd revision.

The size is the Un-zipped professional write file, not ASCII.

91.10.1 – Original document. Tons of problems: spelling, LF and
CR, mistyped data, absence of some data. IFF form Map
released with this version. WHAT A MESS!! Size: 65k

91.12.2 – The entire document was checked for spelling by the
computer so if you find errors, don’t blame me. The `In
the Future’ section was extended to include new
information and Disney cartoon movies (Touchstone films
to follow). The entire document was fixed for CR and
LF problems. ‘Special Thanks To’ section added, along
with ‘Revision Information’, ‘Contacting and Making
Reservations’, ‘Fun Facts’, and ‘Famous Quotations’.
General Cleanup. GIF form map released with this
version. Expansion of Pleasure Island information,
some bus info added. Full Bibliography added.
Boxes around sections added, along with solid lines.
Size: 88k

92.2.1 – New data on future items, 4th theme park information
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movie information added. EPCOT Center World Showcase
Information expanded (well, not much). Grammatical
clean up. Released 6 days late. PC-Exec BBS number
added. Size: 93k

92.3.2 – Expanded the EPCOT Center World Showcase Information.
More people added to the Special Thanks to Section.
Little Mermaid attraction info added. EPCOT quote in
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Non-Florida Disney related info added. Part of the “To
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92.4.3 – Reservation info added. EPCOT Center World Showcase
information expanded. Two new fun facts added. General
clean up and rewording. “ORDER.TXT” file added to
zipped archive. Program file now available. Dixie
Landings Resort added to the resort section. Some
minor changes the the esort section. Section titles
and other lines centered. Size: 104k2


I hope you found this information valuable in planning your
Walt Disney World vacation. I am not affiliated with WDW in any
way so I am not being paid to promote WDW here, but it truly is a
great place to be. Again any suggestions should be sent to:

Todd D. McCartney
21 South Auten Ave.
Somerville, NJ USA

If you would like the latest version of this “book” and it is
not on your local BBS please print out the form included in the
zipped file called “order.txt”. Instructions on how to order are
in this file. Remember I will be updating this every month
(hopefully), so there is always something new!! Also if you have
any magazine or newspaper clippings or any other information about
Walt Disney World please send it to me and it will be added to the
guide. I will also put your name in the file in a section called
‘Special Thanks To:’ which has now been formed. Thank you very
much and have a great vacation at Walt Disney World.

M – I – C, See ya real soon!! K – E – Y, Why? Because we like
M – O – U – S – E

Todd D. McCartney


“Give credit where credit is due.”

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єWalt Disney World, Mickey Mouse, Audio Animatronics, and Circleє
єVision are registered trademarks of the Walt Disney Company. є
єAll resort names, ride names and other items in the theme parksє
єare also The Walt Disney Company’s property. Some information є
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