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You And Your Dog Aren’t Entitled To Kill My Peace Of Mind

Dog people… i understand there are some decent ones among you who have raised and handled your dog the right way, obviously (i gotta make the radical ones understand they shouldn’t shit on me just because i’m expressing a valuable opinion in the name of God – but i have to go to the millions of normies who are holding the value of their inbred, decorative, personality-extension wolf way too high). There are, however, many situations where your sharp-fanged canine friend crosses the red line – yep – wait, what? You’re saying us humans are even worse? Sike, bitch, that is a typical excuse from people like weapon fanatics – but us humans can actually behave, leave others alone, write computer code, serve our country, help our loved, clean up the city, and we also don’t run at someone who is minding their own business in front of their garage. If we ran screaming and barking at other people, we would be locked up in a thing called “jail”, but since you normies love your dog so much, there is some kind of exception for you to run rampant in this world with your very extremely stressful, frightening and even dangerous creature. Dangerous in terms of either being able to eat me or just stressing me the fuck out, even if it’s a small one.

Even if you don’t see yourself as a domestic terrorist with a potentially lethal weapon on your leash, i hope you will understand what i mean. I call it a “literal rape of the ear drums and the spirit”. It is not because it is a dog – it is about the extremely loud sound the thing is emitting, its extremely low intelligence, territorial behavior in a peaceful neighborhood and the overall alarmist mindset of your four-legged pet Roomba. Do you love dogs and want to protect them at all costs…? Well – Start with not getting one, so you don’t have to continue its miserable existence, eventually leading to miserable offspring, all castrated and pissing themselves in their sleep, stinking, shitting on sidewalks and barking at / scaring people who are close to a heart attack, waking them up, ruining their book writing, home writing job or focus on homework. I don’t know how you are so OK with this, are you all sociopaths? My diagnosis is that you’re mostly all sociopaths, and i pity you for wanting to let your life’s frustration out at others, but with a proxy. Are you denying that your demon is an extension of your shitty personality? Do you wear a skull shirt and let the dog lick your mouth? Then you’re the candidate i’m exactly talking about. God hates you. You are despicable.

Since the “real” normie dog owners are already out there at 6 a.m. with their Norht Face jacket, a fast robotic pace, and a good portion of psychosis, they are always ready to scare the shit out of you when you try to enjoy your chill spot in solitude and mindfulness. Suddenly these assholes come around the corner and say “BOOYAKA, thought you’re not living in hell on earth?”. In this case, i would shoot them all in the head. Here’s the deal: The barking noise of most dogs sounds really agitated, or more like a death threat. The sound gets really deep under the skin. It absolutely fucks with my peace of mind, and we’re living in different times where peace of mind is the most valuable currency. Society doesn’t want or need your dog. It is your egoistic little brain that wants to your foul creature to the most peaceful places. Stay at the fucking dog park. Don’t come around where when i’m meditating in the grass or watching the river flow from a park bench.Also, i want to point out that you put way too much love and care into a creature that lives 15 years at max, and when he dies, you will just replace him with another one to satisfy your urge to navigate your doggy around in this already fucked up world. In fact, the original dogs (wolves) have their real roots in protecting their packs in the wilderness in the nowhere of Yellowstone – and yeah they hate intruders with all their guts… even yourself.

Now we’re moving over to situations where the fucking thing is barking all day, and low and behold, even all night. You are not aware how much stress your dog causes to others because you’re on the other end, but maybe with a little empathy you would understand. Just because you’re emotionally fucked up and need someone to cuddle doesn’t mean a creature like that will do you any good. Do you want to pick up parts of its personality? Do you too shit on the sidewalk? I spent all my life without a dog, and i didn’t pussy out and act like another being is my best companion. There is music, computer, drugs you can use to compensate your fragile feelings. Fucking cringe how they always look like crying and then they need to pet their little heads. Birds hang around with birds, lions hang around lions, so why do dog people think it is necessary to hang around with a dog? It’s like a glitch in the matrix. Get some fucking hold of yourself. Find a partner or find some other source of power that keeps you sane, not a dog. It’s always you who says “i hate people, i love dogs”. You will not hate me anymore when i break every bone of your body, since you’re asserting your position as my enemy.

Dog people, do you want me to stand next to your house and scream like a drill sergeant in 20 minute intervals? I’m sure that, because i’m a human, you would get really scared in the first minute, try to impose some rules on me, call the police, or come out to fight… right? Right? But god forbid it is your fucked up dog making those noises, you assholes are really ignorant to not see the reality of the situation and that there are people around you who are NOT with you and your little dog life.

Oh, so your dog *has* to bark? Does he have a special reason? …what, just because he “wants to”? That is not a special reason.

Look in the mirror and realize you as a dog owner are a domestic terrorist. You infiltrate the most peaceful pleaces with your demon and cause spiritual havoc. Just fucking see it. *Shoves your and your dog’s head against the mirror* You can argue back all you want, but i have made my mind about this, and i have tolerated you all for way too long before realizing that the clock of life is ticking and i spent more time trying to stay away from dogs than taking showers. Your dog doesn’t own the planet, i too have a right to live and be free, not just your dog. You can’t just come here and take up our physical or spiritual territory with force, you rapists. And if you wanna insult me and continue domestic terrorism, then i feel even more justified to get into politics and find a way to get you all on a terror list. You asked for it. You’re not willing to take compromises or train your dog to be quiet, so i will wind up the slingshot and shoot back at you what you’ve done to us.

I can’t coexist with you assholes as long as you let your beloved little shit rape my ear drums, my nerves and my soul.